Prison 0800 Numbers

Toll-free numbers for personal use

Secure your prison 0800 number anywhere in New Zealand with 0800 NZ. These toll-free numbers are designed with payphone and prison calling in mind, making communication easier and more affordable.

Prison 0800 Number Prepaid Costs

Our 0800 number pricing is simple to keep calling from prison as easy and affordable as possible. All calls are fixed at one low standard rate, and it doesn’t make a difference if the call goes through to a mobile or to a landline.

Setup Fees?


Setup Fee

Free setup on all numbers

Monthly Fees?



Unlike other providers, we have zero monthly fees

Cost Per Call?



A low standard charge per minute

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How to get a Personal 0800 Number in New Zealand

You can have your own personal 0800 number in New Zealand for free. Our system was designed with prison 0800 numbers in mind for easier and cheaper calling for current inmates.


Our service is free to set up, carries no monthly charges, and offers a simple rate per minute, all no matter where you are in New Zealand, or whether you are calling a landline or mobile phone.

To get started, simply tell us where you want your calls to go, and we will allocate an 0800 number to you. We will then direct all your 0800 calls to that number.
All you need to do is keep your account topped up with a Visa debit card. This ensures your number will always work, and we guarantee that you will only pay for the time you spend on the phone.


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Want To Know More?

How do prison 0800 numbers work?

0800 Numbers are just virtual numbers. When someone calls your 0800 number, we simply forward this to your NZ mobile or home phone. It’s like having an ordinary phone number, except it allows those in prison to call out at no cost to them (normal prison phones charge the prisoner when making calls).

I’ve placed an order and want to know when it will be ready?

It usually takes a few hours for a new 0800 number to be linked to your home or mobile phone. If you have been waiting for more than 24 hours, get in touch with us via our live chat so we can troubleshoot.

Are there any contract terms?

There are no contract terms with 0800 NZ. This is a prepaid service, so simply top up to keep the number working.

Is there a setup fee?

None! We have kept our system as affordable as possible. Note that you will need to make an initial top up amount when ordering your number, although you will only use this money for making calls, not as a setup fee.

Are there any hidden fees?

None at all. We don’t believe in hiding things from our customers. All of our pricing is listed above.

Do you offer packages for 0800 numbers?

At this stage we do not offer packages.

Do you provide calls to overseas numbers?

We do offer 0800 calls to overseas numbers, but the calling rates are different. Get in touch via our live chat and we will let you know rates for the country you wish to call.

I have another 0800 number; can I transfer this to 0800NZ?

Unfortunately not, sorry. We currently only provide new 0800 numbers.

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